3. If an article 18, paragraph 1 application is accepted before the end of the transitional period, the host Member State cannot withdraw the decision to grant resident status before the end of the transitional period for reasons other than those covered by Chapter VI and Article 35 of Directive 2004/38/EC. This paragraph applies unless it applies until an agreement under section 184 that replaces this paragraph enters into force or applies. The EU air transport law, which was not applicable at Gibraltar Airport before the withdrawal agreement came into force, applies to Gibraltar Airport only from the date set by the Joint Committee. The Joint Committee takes the decision on this matter after the United Kingdom and Spain have indicated that they have reached a satisfactory agreement on the use of Gibraltar Airport. The UK`s participation in the EIB Group after the DESOLVED withdrawal date, in order to ensure a withdrawal ordered by various separation provisions aimed at preventing disruption and ensuring legal certainty for citizens and economic operators, as well as for the judicial and administrative authorities of the Eu and the United Kingdom, without excluding the possibility that the relevant separation provisions will be replaced by the agreement (s) on future relations, the implementation of a post-withdrawal growth and growth strategy is not covered by the provisions of this article. NOTE that with a view to an orderly exit of the United Kingdom from the Eu, permanent agreements must also be concluded in separate protocols attached to this agreement, with regard to the very specific situations concerning Ireland, Northern Ireland and the sovereign base territories of Cyprus, with regard to the procedures covered by Article 29, paragraphs 2, 3 and 4, of directive 2009/81/EC, Article 33, paragraphs 2 to 5, of the 2014/24/EU Directive and Article 51, paragraph 2, of the 2014/25/EU Directive, relating to the implementation of the following framework agreements concluded by contracting powers or contracting entities of the Member States or the United Kingdom, including contracting on the basis of such framework agreements : where protection within the Union stems from international agreements in which the Union participates. obligations arising from member states acting on their behalf, the Union or Member States acting jointly, insofar as they relate to the exchange of goods between the Union and third countries concluded at the end of the transitional period, according to a procedure referred to in paragraph (a) of this paragraph.