War by the Agreement presents a new theory on the ethics of war. It shows that wars can be morally justified at the ad bellum level (political decision to go to war) and at the bello level (their actual behavior by the army) by accepting a contractual representation of the rules of war. Therefore, the rules of war are anchored in a mutually beneficial and equitable agreement between the actors concerned, the aim of which is to promote peace and reduce the horrors of war. The book builds on the long tradition of the social contract and illustrates its fruitfulness in understanding and developing morality and martial law. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find out how your comments are handled. Uchenna Okeja is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Rhodes University and Iso Lomso Fellow at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study. He works mainly in the fields of critical theory, political philosophy, ethics and African philosophy. His recent work is: religion, politics and post-secularism, Ed. (Routledge), African philosophy and global justice, Ed.

(Routledge), War by Agreement: On the Nature and Justification of Just War (Journal of Military Ethics); and «Palaver and Consensus as Metaphors for the Public Sphere» in The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Political Theory (Oxford University Press). His monographs Deliberation: Foundation for a Modern African Political Philosophy and Global Africana Thought – Critique of Humiliation will be published next year. Before Rhodes, he taught philosophy for many years at Goethe University in Frankfurt. He has been a visiting professor at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, the Bad Homburg Research College and the Iustitia Amplificata Center for Advanced Study at Goethe University in Frankfurt, the University of Chicago 7 and Harvard University. He is currently a Visiting Fellow at UBC`s Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. Join us for this semester`s director`s series of courses and listen to CAS guest colleague Uchenna Okeja talking about the book he is working on on African political philosophy. Uchenna Okeja, Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa «Africa`s challenge for itself and for the world is to demand justice, the emancipation of colonial rule and the freedom and dignity of individuals, the aspirations for the high standard of living that contemporary science and technology have enabled, and the search for self-confidence and self-esteem on the basis of a rediscovered past. 4) Available at Oxford Scholarship Online – see abstracts and keywords at the book and chapter level.