(a) This part establishes policies and procedures for grants and cooperation agreements awarded by NASA to non-federal entities, for-profit organizations, foreign organizations and foreign public organizations, as provided by 2 CFR 200.101. For further instructions, NASA has adopted section numbers corresponding to those in the OMB guidelines in 2 CFR, Part 200. 2. Subsidies or cooperation agreements granted to foreign organisations are granted only on an exceptional basis. Prices are subject to prior approval by the Office of International and Interagency Relations and the Office of the General Counsel. Requests for bonuses to foreign organizations must be coordinated through the office of the Chief Financial Officer, Policy Division. The Office of Management and Budget`s (OMB) uniform administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements for federal awards (usually known as Uniform Guidance) were formally implemented by the Financial Aid Reform Council (COFAR – now dissolved) in December 2014. The Uniform Guidance – a «government framework for grant management» – is a set of rules and requirements relevant to federal distinctions that synthesizes and replaces the guidelines of previous OMB circulars. Among other things, the uniform orientation of the OMB is as follows: Colleges and universities (HBCE) are institutions designated by the Minister of Education to meet and be included in the requirements of 34 CFR 608.2. NASA`s official grant and cooperation policy access website, including communications, internal instructions, certifications, the Nasa Grant and Cooperative Agreement (GCAM) manual and other source information is available at prod.nais.nasa.gov/ pub/pub_ Library/srba/index.html.

Uniform guidelines (2 CFR No. 200) streamlining and consolidating the government`s requirements for receiving and using federal premiums to reduce administrative burdens and improve results. It was registered on December 19, 2014 in the Federal Register (79 Fed. Reg. 75871) came into effect for new and continuation bonuses granted on or after December 26, 2014. Please note that the new rules do not affect grants awarded before December 26, 2014, unless the resources made available under these grants are transferred to a new federal budget year or continuity grant. The Regulatory Flexibility Act (5 U.S.C 601 and following) requires a public authority to conduct an initial analysis of regulatory flexibility, which will be published at the time of publication of the proposed rule. This requirement does not apply if the Agency «certifies that the rule, if proclaimed, will not have a significant economic impact on a significant number of small businesses» (5.

C 603). This rule adapts NASA`s rules regarding uniform administrative requirements, the cost principles and audit requirements for federal premiums to the recent changes made by the OMB to the subsidies and agreements regulations, which were published on August 13, 2020 at 85 FR 49506 and come into effect on November 12, 2020 and have no significant economic impact on a significant number of small businesses.