There is a breach of contract in the event of non-compliance with part of the agreement. A breach of the agreement may cause an argument between you and the department. If it is not resolved, the department or you can take steps to end your rental. In the event of a rental hearing, QCAT sends all parties a letter with the date and time of the hearing. At the QCAT hearing, the QCAT member will review the evidence presented by each party and make a final decision on the repayment of the loan. 2.6 Exit Condition Report – RTA Form 14a The owner/agent must complete an Entry Condition Report – RTA Form 1a and give a copy to the tenant at the beginning of the rental. After moving in, the tenant has 3 days to inspect the premises, add comments on the form and return a signed copy to the owner/agent. When moving in, it is also useful for tenants to take pictures of the property. For more information, see the RTA video to complete the Entry Requirements report under

The landlord or intermediary must provide the tenant with a copy of the RTA Pocket Guide for Tenants – RTA Form 17a information brochure. RTA brochures are also available for rooming residents or mobile tenants. When applying for a lease, applicants are not legally required to provide all the information mentioned above, but landlords or representatives cannot consider an application if the applicant refuses to provide the requested information. As soon as the parties enter into a lease, potential tenants may be asked to pay the rent in advance at the same time as a rental loan. .