We have articulation agreements with SUNY Binghamton and Suny Canton. Participation in these courses does not guarantee that all the requirements of the first two years are met; nor does it guarantee acceptance in all programmes of all institutions. The following technical requirements for disciplinary studies are based on SUNY Pathways engineering. It is important that the student goes to the four-year institution to obtain the specific requirements of the institution in terms of study. For more information, please contact the Transfer Office. The Fashion Institute of Technology has transfer agreements with schools on this list. Students who are interested in a move to the FIT are encouraged to speak with a home school transfer counsellor. (SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK – July 22, 2020) SUNY Empire State College and Herkimer County Community College today announced a new partnership that allows eligible graduates of Herkimer College`s cybersecurity and digital radiomeding programs to seamlessly move to SunY Empire`s new Bachelor of Science in security, so they can complete their bachelor`s degree in less time at a lower cost. The agreement allows incoming students to transfer up to 79 credits from the lower division to SUNY Empire, more than half of the 124 credits required to obtain a bachelor`s degree, saving students valuable time while reducing the cost of study. The partnership also waives registration fees and offers a $100 transfer grant.

New York State University has a transfer policy that guarantees admission to a four-year university unit to all A.A. and A.S. holders. Entry into a particular institution is not guaranteed. If you are considering a transfer to one of these programs, contact your transfer advisor for full information on specific qualifications or admission requirements. «Our focus is on creating innovative new programs and partnerships that ensure all citizens have access to affordable opportunities,» said Cathleen McColgin, President of Herkimer County Community College. «We are proud to have entered into another transfer agreement with our long-time partner SUNY Empire State College that guarantees generous acceptance of licensing credits for graduates of our cybersecurity and digital medicine program.» Herkimer college courses with «C» or higher grades are acceptable for transfer credits, and all science courses must include laboratories. The specific courses required for transfer in each study are described in the agreement.

HERKIMER — Herkimer County Community College has entered into a new transfer agreement with SUNY Upstate Medical University, which allows students to move on to the following secondary programs of Health Professions A.S.