– relocation of furniture, equipment, bedding and other dormitories without the proper permission of the boarding school administration; The residence fees are set by the HSE administration and may change. – to do this in order to avoid damage to the dormitory property, to use water, gas, electricity and heating energy efficiently, to keep the premises and common areas clean and orderly, to carry out a daily cleaning in the premises (blocks, sections); – the exchange or distribution, rental, booking, purchase or provision of rooms assigned to the university residence; – the use of the common educational, cultural and social spaces of the dormitory, the use of furniture, facilities, sheets and services in the dormitory; – use television, radio, CD players and other low-volume loudspeaker systems to prevent disturbing other residents of the residence, silence should be strictly respected in the dormitory from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.; – comply with campus rules and regulations, internal dormitories, health and safety rules, fire safety rules and hygiene standards; – Close relatives and other guests may stay temporarily in the dormitory with written permission from the administration and the agreement of the roommates; The length of their stay is determined by the administration of the residence. – The dormitory`s opening hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Disciplinary measures up to and including eviction apply to residents who do not comply with campus guidelines, internal dormitories, fire safety rules and hygiene standards. – when students abuse allocated dormitories; – during the check-out of the dormitory, the accommodation allocated to residents is checked and residents are required to compensate for missing or damaged objects; – in the event of a withdrawal from the occupant of the accommodation contract, including in cases where residents have not paid accommodation costs and paid pensions for more than three months; – to use the accommodation space for the duration of the stay provided by the decision of the accommodation committee and the accommodation agreement, provided that the rules and regulations of the campus, internal dormitories, fire safety rules and hygiene standards are respected. – to enter the dormitory, a client must present identification in the presence of the host; – if property damage is caused, compensate it in accordance with existing legislation and the mutual liability agreement; – non-compliance with household rules and regulations, fire safety rules and hygiene standards; Montly residency fees for HSE applicants and other non-HSE applicants (summer and winter students, trainees, etc.): 5,800.00 rubles per month (for all dormitories). – move without permission to another room or dormitory; – to comply with the conditions of the accommodation agreement (mutual responsibility agreement); – the opening hours of the residence for residents are from 6:00 to 1:00; If a resident is likely to arrive late on campus, he or she is required to obtain an entrance permit from the boarding school administration indicating the reason for their late arrival; – Residents must present their tickets at the entrance to the dormitory; Where and how to pay: Get a payment form at the dorm reception, fill out your name and pay the amount owed (or ask your friend to help you) from a local bank.