Industrial Cooling Equipment Ltd offers competitive cooling maintenance contracts for all types of refrigeration facilities to ensure optimal performance and fully comply with current F gas rules. The maintenance controls of refrigeration facilities include the additional financial benefits, which are less obvious but still very real. Properly maintained appliances use less energy than appliances that are not maintained regularly, resulting in lower electricity bills. The execution of a maintenance contract with ICE Ltd contributes to the performance of a contract for the maintenance of your refrigeration facilities: our pre-programmed maintenance plans are specially designed for each refrigeration device, to ensure that any problems are highlighted and then resolved, systems operating with optimal performance. Ice AG`s waterproofing tests on refrigeration facilities include: It is now legislated that the equipment owner ensures that each facility containing more than 3 kg of refrigerant is subject to leak controls at least once a year and that there are records to show that this was done by an engineer who holds a refrigeration fluid handling licence. All systems with refrigeration contracts with ICE Ltd include our F Gas Compliance Package, which ensures full compliance with all F gas rules. For more information, visit our F Gas Compliance Package and F Gas Regulations pages. More importantly, these devices will last longer, which will reduce capital costs. Consider a refrigerator or ice maker. «A clean capacitor means that fans work less, fewer compressors – all moving parts work less. In addition to energy savings, you get a longer lifespan of the appliances. RERIGERATION PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS: How to find the right one for your catering service Don`t wait.

Get your free guide and get everything you need to make the best choice for your business today. From a financial point of view, the most obvious benefit is to reduce the total cost of services. If all works properly, operators will have fewer emergency calls throughout the year. As a result, total spending on equipment service will be lower and more predictable based solely on emergency calls.