Hello, I am interested in the franchise of a gas station. As of December 31, 2017, Caltex franchisees operated 433 sites in the network of 810 people, 314 of whom were in operation. It is estimated that Caltex wrote to at least 150 franchisees two days before Christmas to warn them that they are under investigation and that «Caltex takes very seriously allegations of breach of employment obligations within the Caltex franchisee network.» (It has been said that the entire network will be subject to a similar review over the next 18 months.) For more details on the Caltex franchise, please contact: more than 100 franchisees are so worried that they have reportedly sought legal advice from three different law firms in recent weeks. Some are considering joining a class action lawsuit, while others want to question the legality of the review and investigation. The fuel and convenience store sector has announced that it plans to retire its core business and pull out of the franchise model by mid-2020, a venture that will cost up to $120 million. To begin with, potential franchisees must have a site or site that meets these CALTEX requirements: Caltex has terminated agreements with 19 franchisees at 43 sites for underpayment of employee rights and other serious violations of non-compliance in the workplace. Hello I am interested in franchising a petrol station, u please send more information please and thank you Caltex Australia has increased the number of companies in recent years, from just 138 in June 2016 to 233 in June 2017. The latest figures indicate that 352 out of 810 petrol stations were operated by Caltex Australia, of which 433 were franchised and 25 sublet. It created great uncertainty, especially when the new general manager of retail operations said in a newsletter that all expiring franchise agreements were most likely retained rather than renewed. A number of current and former franchisees, including Kevin Crossey, who operated a number of sites in NSW between 1998 and 2014, have come forward by claiming that the Caltex franchise model is flawed and imposes underpayment of wages. .

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