Example of trading in everyday life: imagine that you are negotiating a possible merger with a competing company. You enter the conference room and find a reasonable and fair representative of the other company, someone with whom you have entered into agreements that benefit both parties in the past. … Read more In Washington, D.C., congressional lawmakers are angry with President Barack Obama. They see him as distant, distant, not ready to forge an agreement, and not to support their causes. And we`re not even talking about Republicans: Democrats are increasingly frustrated with Obama`s leadership style, report Carl Hulse, Jeremy W. Peters and Michael D. Shear in a… Read more Although we`ve all probably heard of mutually beneficial agreements, it can often be difficult to nail one. In order to achieve a principled negotiating outcome that meets these criteria, we must find ways to put more value on the table.

It`s not easy to do if you don`t know how to do it. In negotiations, the awareness of your BATNA or your best alternative to negotiated agreements is often your greatest source of power. What is a BATNA in negotiation? It can be thought of as the best backup plan you can reasonably expect to achieve. Think of a solid job offer that you want to accept if your… Read more A view of the negotiation includes three fundamental elements: process, behavior and substance. The process is about how the parties negotiate: the framework of the negotiations, the parties to the negotiations, the tactics of the parties and the order and the stages in which all this takes place. Behaviour refers to the relationships between these parties, the communication between them and the styles they adopt. The content refers to what the parties are negotiating: the agenda, the topics (useful positions and interests), the options and agreements reached at the end. [Quote required] If you want to gain more influence from your upcoming employment negotiations, the non-compete agreement, which may well be included in your employment contract, could be an opportunity to achieve the win-win situation you want.