All licensed software. All licensed software is licensed by Anaconda in accordance with the terms of this agreement and all transactional documents applicable to subscribers; However, if, in all cases, there are provisions contained in a transaction document or other documents in conflict with this Agreement or introduce additional conditions to that agreement, the terms and conditions of that agreement are given priority, since any modification or addition of this Agreement can only be initiated and implemented by authorized representatives of Anaconda and subscribers. Exclusions. Anaconda is not required, under this section 8.2, to commit or rely on a violation resulting from the combination, operation or use of licensed software with an application, software platform or hardware not provided by Anaconda; (ii) the designs, requirements or specifications of licensed software required or provided by the subscriber; (iii) use of licensed software outside the scope of the license granted to the subscriber or the terms of this agreement; (iv) the subscriber`s failure to use the latest version of the licensed software provided by Anaconda (or another version of Anaconda) or to comply with the instructions provided by Anaconda; (vi) Unauthorized use of licensed software. The subscriber reimburses, anaconda resolies all costs or damages resulting from previous acts, releases them and keeps them unscathed. Anaconda`s compensation obligations depend on the subscriber complying with the terms of this agreement, including the payment of all amounts liability. You expressly have the right to use and redistribute MKL binary files with your Anaconda installation® individual edition, subject to the conditions set by the MKL license. You also have the right to redistribute MKL binary files with Anaconda® Individual Edition or in the Anaconda® package containing the MKL binary files. If necessary, you will find instructions to delete MKL binary files after installing Anaconda® Individual Edition under On the other hand, conda analyzes the current environment, including all environments currently installed and with specified version limitations (z.B.