In addition, a strategic mandate agreement is scheduled for this Friday, March 14 from 2 pm to 3:30 pm at the town hall. M Room T102. You can register on the following link: You should have received an electronic newsletter from the president of the university last Friday. What you should be of the utmost importance to all employees is the second point: Algonquin College`s strategic mandate agreement. Everyone needs to understand where their livelihood will be if the upcoming version of the college`s filing with the Ontario government is approved as it is currently being written. A review of the document is worrisome for a number of reasons, but the reference to forced university programs is particularly worrying. It`s not clear that all university programs are covered by the categories identified by the college, so it`s in your best interest to see if your program fits into all nine categories. The document can be read here: Following its first request in the fall of 2012, following ADM documents from each post-emergency institution in Ontario, the Province of Ontario recently requested brand new agreements showing how each institution`s current and planned activities contribute to the directions contained in a document entitled «Strengthening Ontario`s Creation Centres, Innovation and knowledge: a discussion paper on innovation to strengthen our university and university system.» They are a very small Aboriginal person and would benefit greatly from additional physical support on their picket line and more financial support. These brave men and women are fighting in a thriving university against their first collective agreement, which must include fair language and fair wages. They need organs to support their picket lines and they need funds to support their strike fund. Please dig deep! They need our support! If, while reading the document, you are concerned that your program will not be included in the document, please go to the town hall and in any case contact the union office at 7716 to respond to your request. As this is the first Board, they need our donations and financial support, which I hear were low and slow to reach. Canadians want federal leadership in health: National Day of Action launches campaign for new health accord Please contact Nelson Ross Laguna to find out where you can give cheques and picket line periods.

Please show solidarity with Local 404 and help keep this fight for equal rights alive. Read the announcement by Claude Brulé, Vice-President, Academic. Algonquin College`s Strategic Mandate Agreement has been signed – click here to read the final version. Thank you to everyone who gave their opinion! Here you will find the current bargain newsletter. This is essentially a summary of the investigation prior to the negotiations.